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Spring has Sprung and is a great time to be outdoors with your pets. Take long walks, play Frisbee, exploring nearby parks can also be fun for you and your pet. Keeping busy is also a great way to exercise your pet.
  • Remember when walking to make sure your pets collar has up to date ID tags with your name and number.
  • LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Remember to SPAY or NEUTER your pet to help control the pet population.
  • Groom your dog or cat to get rid of winter coat.
  • Having your pet micro-chipped is the safest way to ensure it can be returned if it gets lost or stolen. It is in-expensive and gives you piece of mind.
  • Make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and medications. Always check with your veterinarian to ensure your pet has the proper flea/tick and heartworm preventative. Parvo/Bordetella/Canine Influenza
  • Watch out for the buzzing noises of bees and wasps. Curious cats and dogs can be stung if they stick their nose a little too close.
**Cats and flies; watch they do not jump and hurt themselves when trying to catch flies or bugs.
  • Spring is a great time to get our lawn in shape, however chemicals used in lawn and garden care are poisonous and can be harmful for your pets. Always read the labels for proper usage/storage and when your pet should be allowed to play on the lawn.

Window screens – check them to ensure they are safe so pets cannot escape or fall out accidentally.

Buckle your pet up for safety when travelling in the car.

Pick up poop


THAWING PONDS; when walking your pet, keep an eye on ponds that may be starting to thaw. Keep them on a leash to be safe.   

  • Remember when planting your garden to check to see what plants may be toxic to your pets. A couple of examples are Azalea and Rhododendron.
  • Keep in mind many of the household cleaners you will be using to do your spring cleaning can also be harmful to your pets. If you feel your pet has ingested something harmful, follow up with your veterinarian or take them to the nearest Emergency Animal Hospital.
********Ticks…always check yourself and your pets for ticks. DARTNS also has tick keys available for sale through our online store or at our tabling events.



Wearing gloves and using a pair of tweezers, grab the tick as close to your pets skin as you can. Pull straight up in a swift movement, making sure not to grip too hard. Place the tick in a screw top container containing some rubbing alcohol.

Disinfect the bite site on your pet. Wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect all tools that have come in contact with the tick.

Monitor the bite site. If it is still inflamed after a week or so, bring your pet and the tick into the veterinarian for examination.

For more information on Ticks you can check out this link from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.

                  A Registered Charity

Did you know The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia is a Registered Charity? (839424629 RR001) Donations are always welcome!! When you donate, you help us carry out our mission to provide shelter and supplies for those pets that have been affected by disasters. If you cannot give a donation, why not consider donating your time. You can donate by using the DONATE button above or send a cheque, gift cards or money order to The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia, 14 Court Street, PO Box 151, Truro, Nova Scotia. B2N 3H7. To become a member, please e-mail or check out the Want to Help section of our website. When applying for membership for a registered charity, you may require a letter from DARTNS indicating we are a registered charity. Please contact for more information.

Fund Development Director

The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia (DARTNS) is currently seeking a passionate and ambitious volunteer for the position of Fund Development Director.

Do you love animals? Are you eager to contribute to your local community? 

Are you looking for interesting work that will enhance your resume?

                                                                                                                   Then we would love to welcome you into our organization! 

                                                          View Job Description Here

               Support our "Comfurt Kit" Program

When disaster strikes, and families are evacuated, some are forced to leave with only the clothes on their back. Just like our partners, the Canadian Red Cross, who supply Comfort Kits items, we supply "Comfurt Kits" that contain everything your will need for your cat or dog. At this time we have Large Dog, Small Dog and Cat " Comfurt Kits"

We also have a "Comfurt Kit Sponsorship program. For more details, please contact

For Media inquiries, please contact:

Catherine Stevens

Communications Director, DARTNS

Tel: 902-233-4089


Twitter: @DARTNSComms


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